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Our Head Office is based in Sydney's Eastern suburbs however our team has expertise throughout Sydney.

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We - a couple who just moved from Europe to Sydney - used the Simple Executive Package to aid us in finding our dream apartment. Within two days Marcelle had compiled a list of available properties that matched our requirements and budget, and where we would stand a fair chance against the competition. Quickly afterwards we had our first (and only!) viewing, fell in love with the apartment, and were told two days later that we could move in the next Saturday.

Without Marcelle this would have been impossible, and we would probably have been struggling still. She has very good knowledge of the market and all ins and outs, knows rental agents, etc. We couldn't have been more happy with the service.

Sandra and René

What a challenging predicament, moving from one state to another under the pressure of a deadline and specific criteria, not to mention the rental market competition in Sydney! 

Thank you for your expertise during the search and your manner in handling the leasing agent - I have no doubt this was a smooth and successful transaction due to your support and influence. If I were to do it all over again I would not change a thing - this feat would have been next to impossible without the right insight, experience and support. Your Executive package helped me sleep at night.

Securing a lease for the house from the first open inspection was a remarkable outcome, but I was not panicked about the result as I knew that with your services I would have ended up in a lovely home by the deadline. Your services were money well spent, with the unexpected bonus of a quick turnaround time. I will not hesitate to refer your business onto others and I wish you all the best in your continuing success.

 Leia H

Marcelle was simply fantastic.  Her property knowledge (buildings + locations) is second to none and she's not afraid to talk straight.  She got us the one property we were really after and we couldn't be happier.

Paul S  

Before I used Sydney Rental Search, I had been looking for an oversized apartment or townhouse to rent in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for years, without success. There was a lack of quality stock, I had little time to visit properties outside of my busy work, and any applications I put through were not accepted due to the heated competition in the east.  I purchased Sydney Rental Search's 6-week ‘search package’. Because Marcelle knows Sydney’s eastern suburbs inside out, she was able to tell me her honest opinion about any street or building that I wanted inspected. The right property – a 3-bedroom townhouse in a quiet cul-de-sac – came up in week 6. I was overseas at the time, so Marcelle visited the property and delivered me a series of more than 100 photos designed to act as a “tour”.  I late found out that  around 6-7 applications were submitted, with one candidate offering more than the asking price.  However, Marcelle got me the property – and I truly believe it was because the property manager preferred to work with a professional search agent and because Marcelle is a great negotiator.  Julia  Nekich

We used Sydney Rental Search while looking for a family home.  We had very specific criteria and found Marcelle Wever and her team to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient.  We particularly appreciated Marcelle’s straightforward advice and timely responses and it was obvious that she always had our interest in mind; her advice was invaluable.  She was very helpful in managing our expectations in relation to the Sydney property market in terms of price, timeline, what to expect from a landlord or landlord’s agent, the online rental application process and any other detail about which we had a question.  We highly recommend Sydney Rental Search to anyone looking for a rental property in the Sydney area and would use their services again without hesitation.  Gillian Pearl, Founder & Principal, Pearl Consulting

Your service is very good (as I'm sure you are aware) and invaluable. I was a tad nervous reading your website where it said that only 5 places would be inspected, but because of the preparation you do and what you know, I now understand completely that this is more than enough! Here we are with our ideal unit after only 2 inspections!  Thanks so much again!  Joanne Reid

We arrived in Sydney for 4 years and needed a rental property - we had no idea of the competitiveness of the market.  I quickly found Marcelle who runs Sydney Rental Search.  Her input, local knowledge and influence with agents was invaluable.  Marcelle guided us every step of the way, understood our brief and presented us with a property not on our initial location desire list but in fact a stunning location.  We are now living the Sydney experience we dreamed of in a gorgeous apartment with harbour views.  We couldn’t have done this without Marcelle's knowledge.  We will definitely engage her again. Thank you Marcelle!  Annie Blackburn

Thank you again so much for your assistance. I’m really happy with my new home and with the owners. My life these past few months has been very intense. I know that finding a new place to live on my own under these circumstances would have been really stressful – using your service was the smartest thing I’ve done in ages! You took the hassle out of everything and acted with both professionalism and warmth, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone – indeed, I’ve already passed on your details to a couple of people. Rebecca Cairns

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere and genuine appreciation for the consideration you gave me in looking for a home for me to rent.  Your follow-up and professionalism were outstanding, impressive and exceptional.   Simon Edwards

Firstly, a massive and heart felt thank you for all your hard work in helping me find this little gem.  I am really touched at how genuinely excited you were when we secured the lease.  I think you offer a marvelous and personal service, honest and genuine and absolutely vital in this massive and fiercely competitive city.  Nikki Ferguson

Thank you soo much for your services in finding us a rental!  We are settling in now and enjoying it here. Once again thank you for your time and professionalism in finding our new place. We both know it was your experience and your influence in the process that got us that first foot in the door. Without it we would still be looking or settling for second best especially with having a cat. We are extremely gratefully. Cory Lewis

Marcelle I highly appreciate your assistance!! You are the best!!  I have thought all day about the excellent job you did!!! Girls are so happy!  This is the second time you have exceeded our expectations so I sent you a gift to say thank you very much! Ariel Youssef

You know, looking back I realise that out of all the great things you did to help us get our new home, setting us straight on our initial brief was the best. I know we would have been looking on our own for months to find a place without you and because you know Sydney so well it was great to have you come back to us to suggest some other suburbs we wouldn't have thought of.  I thought you were just going to save us time - but to set us on the right path and got us a home after 16 days over-stepped all our expectations. We will be recommending your service to everyone! Justin Gavel

Marcelle, I need to thank you so much! It was like having a new best friend in Sydney to take care of everything for me!  I will be spreading the word.   Thomas Webster

Every day I woke up to discover just how much work Lisa had done that was waiting for me as soon as I turned on the computer - you made this process just so easy for me! When I was looking for a house to rent in Sydney I knew I wouldn't have the time to do it myself and needed someone to look at the units for rent for me and there you were! You are exactly the service I was looking for and you came to the rescue.  You are the best!  James Hudson

The house is perfect and I can't thank you enough.  As you know, Leo was a bit worried about moving into a house he hadn't seen but we are both wrapped!  You made relocating back to Sydney very easy! Hannah Williams

Oh wow Marcelle - you really went over the top. You made it all so stress-less!  I really felt like I was getting the royal treatment!  It was so funny - in the first week I really didn't know what kind of place I was looking for and which suburb would be best but after a few days you really helped to sort all of that out! Thanks!  Dee Patel

I feel really strongly about wanting you to place these comments onto your web site and if anyone would ever want to call and speak to me about your service I am truly happy to do so!  You saved us SO much money (and I have to be careful about saying this as I don't want the agent to read it but I am really grateful that you were able to negotiate the rent for us) and you really just took the whole drama of looking for our new home away.  It would have taken us SO much longer I know and with this home I probably would never have found it as I wouldn't have thought to look Dover Heights - but it just suits us perfectly and we are all just smitten!  Thank you for being so gracious and conscientious!   Daphne Parris

Thank you so much for your assistance!  I could not have done it without you. As you know, with me working on Saturdays and most afternoons it was just getting to be a joke trying to find a place on my own but you did it and I am really happy and I just wanted you to know that!  Jasmine Yang

We love the unit!  I know, I know - you told us that it was small but it truly is everything we were expecting!  I just can't get over how easy you made this whole process for us. We were just too busy to find a rental on our own and you made it happen.  Thank you!  Michelle McGarvey

From the moment I spoke to you on the phone I could tell you cared about my dilemma and it was just a relief to unburden my worries to you straight away!  It is just amazing and I really wish I would have gone ahead with using you guys earlier as then I wouldn't have been in such a pickle! A huge thanks to you all!   Tessa Pederson

I know my case wasn't an easy one with having 2 dogs and with my particular requirements but you pulled it off and I just want to convey my deepest and most sincere thanks for your compassion and thoughtfulness.  You are THE best and I will definitely be using you again (but hopefully not too soon!)   Michael Baxter

Thank you guys sooooooo much!!! I cannot begin to tell you how thankful and how happy we are with the service you guys have provided us! It has been AMAZING to find the place we found, we moved on the weekend and I am going away on business today but I really wanted to express my gratitude to you both!  Marcelle I would recommend your service to anyone and Gloria, your diligence and care are unsurpassed!   Gabriela Ricards

Marcelle, we would like to sincerely thank you for all your efforts which led us to this property which we really like.  If it hadn't been for you I doubt whether we would have found such a great home.. I have other friends who are relocating to Sydney and I will let them know all about you! Michael Tuttle

Thanks so much for sending us so many great properties This property does indeed look great and we will take it. Thanks to all of you for looking after us so well.  Pamela Haak

Thanks for all your help, as I know I would have struggled to secure this place without you because of my dog.  Philippa Gavel

I don’t underestimate how quick this has been – finding my current place took me almost 3 months to find and a lot of heartache running around on weekends and evenings after work. It was quite soul-destroying!! So I am really pleased with this place and appreciate your help immensely. Sara Olsson

We are now settled in the apartment and it serves us extremely well (from leaving the wharf I can be in my office within 10 mins)! Many thanks for all your help, it is very much appreciated, and hopefully we will see you again. Richard Padova

I thought you might like to know that the estate agent told me they got loads of applications for the property, so I am now even more grateful for your help in navigating me through the process!!  I move in tomorrow morning, and I am really looking forward to living there! Thanks again for your help. Katrina Boue

GREAT NEWS! Thanks so much Marcelle, you're a gem!  You've made this whole process very very easy. Wonderful news! Now we have a place to live when we land!  I can’t tell you how happy we are!  Thanks again!  Rog Jakab

Thanks heaps once again for all you have done and hope you weren't too late with your appointment after going round and round Alexandria looking for a cab for us!  Chad Laberenz

Thank you for being so willing to accommodate our special circumstances.  We really appreciate your flexibility in dealing with us. Deborah Baine

I wanted to contact you and say thank you very much for the service and support you gave my sister Sally in her search for a Sydney apartment. You worked very hard to fulfil Sally’s requirements, and had such a positive attitude to your work. It isn’t always easy to find somewhere you’ll be happy to live, especially when the client is in Adelaide! I would not hesitate to recommend your excellent service to anyone I know who was looking for a Sydney property to rent. I can see that you are very thorough and hard-working, Marcelle, and your work is based on a sound knowledge of Sydney real estate. Take good care. John Upton

Thank you for the great job. I appreciate the value of your relationships in the industry and it appears that my hunch was right and I was paying for a lot more than a few reports and photos. I can see that your job is complex, particularly with a client like myself who doesn't know the areas that well. Great teamwork by all I think.  Ben Glover

I just wanted to thank you for your vital and thoroughly professional help in assisting me to navigate my way through the monolith which is Sydney and for finding a property which suits all my needs. Given the tight time frame I had to work with, the 'tightness' of the rental market and the difficulty of searching from interstate, your service made my life rather less stressful! Relocating would have been a difficult to task without your assistance and I'm thrilled that I will now have time to settle in before starting my wonderful new job. Lillian Dabreo

I was particularly impressed that you gave realistic advice about the suburbs I was interested in, the advice on travel times, the swift responses to my requests for information, and the objective and detailed nature of your inspection reports. From a very happy renter! Sally Chapman

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