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Our Head Office is based in Sydney's Eastern suburbs however our team has expertise throughout Sydney.

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Sydney Rental Property Search Services - sharing the value of our experience...

Our pricing is honest and fair - just because you can afford a higher rent why should you pay a higher package price?  With Sydney Rental Search - this is not the case - our package prices are set with no hidden extras. 

Simple Executive Package

When you need a home to move into when you arrive from interstate or overseas, or don’t have the time to search, research, shortlist and inspect properties - this package is your solution.  We search and research rental  homes that meet your criteria 5 days per week from 2 and up to 5 weeks (depending on your requirements) and inspect up to 5 properties on your behalf. We can also inspect properties together with you or make arrangements for you to inspect properties if you prefer.  We take between 50 – 150 photos of the property along with a short video and also provide feedback on the property’s strengths and weaknesses.  Our full ‘Application assistance’ service is also included in this package as well as our free Utility connection service .

Extended Executive Package (+)

When the difference between finding 'a' rental home and 'the' rental home is important to you then this is the package to choose. When you have lots of lead time before you need to move and if your criteria is quite specific, you will benefit from the extra 3 weeks of searching and additional 5 inspections. This super-sized package includes searching and researching for up to 8 weeks and up to 10 property inspections.  Because of our knowledge of the market, knowing what will suit you and your criteria best and the research that we carry out on properties before each inspection - we have never had a client who has needed more than 10 inspections if you wish to choose a package providing maximum choices - this is the one for you.  Our  full application assistance is included in this package, Utility connections, advice on suburbs, plus normally extensive photos and video footage of the properties inspected will be provided.

Budget Search Package

In this package, we personally inspect up to 5 rental homes that you have chosen but are not able to inspect.  We attend the inspections on your behalf, provide a photographic 'walk-through' of the property by taking a short video and between 50-150 photos (depending on the size of the property) which we upload onto a web album, allowing you to review the property in great detail.  The photos we take provide a true and real overview and along with our comments, feedback and advice - you will confidently know whether to proceed with your application or not.   Our application assistance and free utility connections are also included as part of our complete service to you.

Budget Plus (+) Package

This package is almost identical to our Budget search package, however this is an extended service that includes up to 10 property inspections.  We attend the inspections on your behalf, provide a short video and photographic 'walk-through' of the property by taking between 50-150 photos (depending on the size of the property) which are uploaded a web album, allowing you to review the property in great detail.  The photos we take provide a true and real overview and along with our comments, feedback and advice - you will confidently know whether to proceed with your application or not.   Our application assistance and free utility connections are also included as part of our complete service to you.

Consultation Package

When you are able to carry out your own daily rental property searches but are not sure about which are the best rental homes to choose for an inspection and you would also like help to ensure your application's best chance of success, then this is the package for you.  We will assess, investigate and shortlist the best properties that you send through to us for review and we will also carry out 3 full searches a week (for up to 5 weeks) to ensure you haven't missed out on any outstanding properties.  We will also provide you with our full application assistance package for unlimited applications and will arrange for your utilities connected by a superior service free of charge

Relocation Package

This package provides all you need if you need full assistance for your move to Sydney.  We provide pre-arrival consultations, a needs analysis, home and school searches and research for a period of up to 8 weeks.  We will source and arrange inspections for suitable rental homes upon your arrival and carry out up to 6 inspections on your behalf prior to your arrival to help you get into your new home sooner.  We will assist you through the application process, lease negotiation, arrange for rental furniture if required, connect your utilities, information on transport, shopping, bank accounts, local facilities and also provide you with ongoing support after your move. Extensive photos and video  footage will normally be taken of the property at each inspection.

Rental Homes Hotline

Renting homes in Sydney is difficult for people of all incomes and budgets.  Our intensive hotline service offers personal advice and support for those not requiring a full relocation service but need help to get started.  If you have never rented before, have a unique situation or want to ensure the process is as efficient and stress-free as possible, this is a great head-start for you.  Our solution provides advice on which Sydney suburbs will best match your criteria, extensive tips on searching for the best rental homes, inspection advice, suggestions for your rental applications, a copy of our Application guide and what you need to be aware of when signing a lease.  The cost of this service can be credited toward our Budget and Executive packages should you wish to upgrade at a later date.

One-off Inspections

When you know Sydney well and can't physically go along to inspect your ideal property, then this is the solution for you.  Please provide us with 4 business hours' notice prior to the inspection time on week days, and no later than 3.00pm on a Friday for Saturday inspections.  The advertised price below includes GST and is valid for the inspection of properties within an 8km radius of Sydney's CBD including all of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.  We will provide detailed feedback about the property and will take a short video of the property and between 50-150 photos which we upload onto a web album to ensure you understand the property in extensive detail.  We will also include our full 'Application assistance' service and arrange your utilities.

Application Assistance

Applying for rental homes in Sydney can be daunting.  There are online applications, paper applications, 100 points of identification required, additional documents agents don't tell you about that help make your application stand out, special requirements when you have pets, extra requirements when you run your own business, additional documents when you have never rented before, and tips on your rental budget, start date and lease term that you should know about.  We will discuss these points, provide you with feedback and advice on all points, provide you with a copy of our Application Guide, carry out a thorough check of your application and provide a covering letter to the agent from our office in support of your application.

Moving to Sydney Orientation tour

When you are planning a move to Sydney, or have just arrived and you are unsure of which suburbs and areas would best suit your lifestyle, the best way to gain a better insight and understanding of what the various suburbs have to offer is to visit the key areas personally.  Sydney Rental Search can provide you with a 2-3 hour in-depth personal orientation tour of Sydney enabling you to learn more about what each suburbs offer, which streets in each suburbs to avoid and where you most likely find the most suitable home that suits your criteria.

Home packer and upacker

Moving house can be an overwhelming experience – so much to do and organise and often with very little time.  We work together with our preferred provider, Moving Smoothly, to provide you with an end to end experience with assistance in packing, unpacking, furniture removals and home organisation.  Please ask us for more or click here to find out to contact Moving Smoothly directly.

Move-in cleaning service

When the previous tenant vacates the property that you are moving in to, the Real Estate Agent ensures that they leave the property in a reasonably clean condition as per the terms of the lease agreement.  A ‘reasonably clean’ state can mean different things to different people so for this reason, we offer a pre-move cleaning service if you wish to ensure your property is cleaned to your standards before you move in.

Design Your Own Package

Over the years we have created the above packages to best suit the needs of our clients.  We don't wish for you to pay for services you won't require and our packages are designed to ensure this - however we certainly can help you in the same way any other relocation agent, lifestyle assistant, personal concierge or other renter's agents are able to. If you feel that an inclusion in any of their services appeal to you and should they not appear to be noted in any of our packages, we will almost certainly be able to match their service whilst also beating their price by at least 10%.  We specialise in mostly all of Sydney's suburbs and have a team of experts who have been working with Sydney Rental Search since 2005 for specialised provisions.

Additional Notes

You can be assured that if you have pets, need a home with wheelchair access or you believe your circumstances are unusual, Sydney Rental Search has experienced and successfully solved almost every situation you can imagine. We have an 'Extra Care' supplement ($180 plus GST) to ensure we cover the extra work required to secure your ideal home when you have special needs.  We also offer customised orientation tours where we help you explore your new city discussing suburbs, lifestyle, shopping, safety,  transport and activities in your preferred areas.   This service can be added on to any of our packages and as with most of our packages, the cost will vary depending on which of Sydney's suburbs you will most likely be moving into.  

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