Are You Moving To Sydney? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions Before Going There!

Other than Antarctica, Australia is the least-populated continent. A quarter of the citizens of the nation live in Sydney, and another quarter in Melbourne, meaning two cities account for half the country's populace. Add in places like Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane, and you can see just how much of the citizenry is concentrated in a few urban areas.


Melbourne is often seen as the economic and financial hub, leaving Sydney as the center of culture, arts, and entertainment. If you're moving here to rent a home, it's understandably desirable.

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Keep reading to learn 10 questions to ask yourself before doing it.


1) Where are you coming from? If you're coming from quite a ways away, then packing up all your belongings can get really expensive. Coming from Melbourne or the Gold Coast might not be too much trouble, but if you're coming from Perth or another continent, then the shipping charges can be quite dramatic for moving a lot of things. Sea shipping containers also take time to travel, sometimes weeks and months before arriving.


2) How long will you be here? There's quite a bit of difference in staying six months to just truly enjoy the place and a few years to study abroad or a generation of raising a family. Your future might change, obviously, but your goals and long-term objectives influence what kind of residential commitment you might want to make.


3) How much do you have in savings? You might be planning on paying for your housing with work you have lined up here or will find, but it's best to have many months of bills and rent or mortgage saved up just in case. Employment opportunities are robust right now, with a good economy and the world's longest streak of economic growth. However, housing is red hot, and you might have to pay more than you think to land a place you like when you see it before someone else grabs it.


4) Will you be working here? If you are planning on working, have some idea what part of the city you plan on being in so you can get to work quickly.


5) What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? If you're not restricted by budget or work as to what kind of community you want to live in, consider the possibilities. Sydney runs the gamut from quiet, family-friendly suburbs to more dense urban areas that are eclectic and electric.


6) Are you bringing a family along? If it's just you and a romantic partner, you might not need a lot of space, particularly if you're not going to be home that much. On the other hand, if children and pets are coming, you might need extra bedrooms and outside space.


7) Are you open to roommates? If you're open to the idea of roommates, they can help share the load of bills.


8) Do you need something furnished or not? If you're packing light and not going to be staying forever, or just looking for simplicity in your time here or even in your golden years, then a furnished residence can seriously simplify your time moving to Sydney. An unfurnished home is more responsibility to fill, but you get full freedom over your layout and decor.


9) Are you an Australian citizen, an international visitor, or looking for citizenship? Housing can be rather tight in Australia, and the market is hot, with demand outstripping supply. It's a lot easier to buy a home if you're a citizen, as land ownership is often restricted from international visitors, although they can usually rent. If you're looking to establish yourself as a citizen, things change a bit over time though. Know your rights and responsibilities based on your legal status.


10) Why am I moving to Sydney again? In handling all the many details of coming to this magnificent city, it's quite easy to get caught up in the nuts and bolts of the matter and forget why it is you're coming here in the first place. Keep your dreams and goals in mind, whether it's as fancy as singing professionally in the famous Opera House or as grounded as spending time with older relatives while they're still around. Never lose sight of what's truly important to you.


If you are moving to Sydney in the coming future, ask yourself these 10 questions to make sure you've covered your bases and are ready to come to this urban oasis of the Southern Hemisphere. If you're coming from another continent, be sure to take every chance you can to explore the Outback, the Gold Coast, and Tasmania. New Zealand is a long weekend well worth it, and you can even sometimes catch the Southern Lights or see Antarctica from the air on day-long tourist flights.


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