Need help finding your next to the home of rent in Sydney?

No time to search or check properties?


Missing out on the very best properties?


Lacking time and losing weekends?


Transferring from Interstate or Overseas?


Finding the best rental home to lease in Sydney is tough and time-consuming.


Whether your requirements are to rent homes, lease units, supplied homes or any house for lease or lease for six months or more - we can secure an ideal house for you.


There is no have to lose your Saturdays or important working hours looking for a home of rent any longer.

Permit Sydney Rental Search to find the best Sydney rental house for you to ensure you will enjoy where you live.


Sydney and NSW have been in a rental crisis for some years, and the REINSW likewise has concerns that the rental crisis will deepen which indicates that now more than ever - people are needing assistance in discovering a rental home in Sydney.


Sydney Rental Search offers you sound advice on ideal suburban areas, streets, the design of the building, the worth, element, additions in the residential or commercial property, the application, the lease and everything you need to learn about Renting in Sydney.


Our customers consist of people who want to lease a system, studio apartment, townhouse, duplex or home in Sydney anywhere between $350 to $3,000 weekly.


Relocation service

Our Service resembles a Relocation Professional or Relocation Agent - nevertheless our packages consist of more for much less. Please examine our plans page to see how we compare with Moving Agents, Relocation Consultants or other Relocation Specialists


What is your time worth? How much is residing in the best house worth? What does it cost?


The money would you save if you could just move straight into your brand-new house without needing to pay for short-lived accommodation? Since starting our services in 2004, have made thousands of Sydney Renters very delighted.


Sydney Rental Search has also assisted in discovering and securing pet-friendly properties, business properties, executive rentals, studio apartments and supplied houses


Our service is perfect for those moving from interstate & overseas or anyone who is time-poor and can't get to see the rental homes themselves.


We are a Relocation Agent with a difference - which is why we describe ourselves as 'Occupant's Representatives'


We assist you to lease properties of any kind in Sydney: - rent houses, rent townhouses, lease furnished houses, lease houses and Sydney rental, executive apartment or condos.



How does the service work?


An example of the actions we take:-.

- Obtain your criteria & brief.

- Search extensively inning accordance with your quick.

- Present you with a selection of appropriate properties over a period.

- Make further queries to assess whether the properties satisfy your requirements before continuing.

- Examine the residential or commercial property either on your behalf, together with you, or set up appointments for you.

- Offer a report including a web album on the home and help in the decision-making procedure.

- Assist you with the application and work out with the Agent in your place.

- Set up the connection to your energies.

- Guarantee you more than happy with your new home in Sydney.

We supply an accurate summary on each house we inspect, and we download the substantial collection of photos (usually between 50-150 images) onto a web album.

Since many faults can be neglected when customers look at properties quickly themselves, our service guarantees that the home you move into is selected based on factor and not exclusively on emotion.

We increase your possibilities of getting ahead of your competition by performing inspections mid-week whenever possible, and we provide support in the application process with tested outcomes.

We just have your benefits in mind.


We will make sure that you do not waste valuable time viewing properties that are erroneously shown online. We save you the stress and expense of moving into a hotel or a house while looking for your new house.


We don't get any payment or commission from agents or property owners so you can rest assured our feedback is truthful and impartial.


We have received the recommendation of our service in the media and information of our coverage can be discovered on our 'media' page.


We encourage you to view our 'Reviews' page to read a few of the remarks that have been handed down.

The personnel at Sydney Rental Search all have one thing in common - we love exactly what we do, and we are in tune with our client's requirements.