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Our Head Office is based in Sydney's Eastern suburbs however our team has expertise throughout Sydney.

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Entrusting someone to help you find and secure a rental property is an important decision to make.  Because moving and finding the right home is a stressful experience, you need the help of a professional who has empathy, can offer practical honest advice and is able to understand your unique and special needs.  It is not a one-size-fits all process.  When you appoint a Renter's Agent to notice pertinent aspects about a property which could potentially be your new home, it is particularly essential to work with a service that has inspected thousands of properties over the years and has an excellent eye for detail.   It’s also important to choose a professional, warm and personable operator who can relate to your needs during this challenging period.


Why choose Sydney Rental Search?

Marcelle Wever started Sydney Rental Search in 2005 as she saw a gap in what was needed to help the every-day person find and secure a rental property.  She realised it is not just executives who needed help, it is people who have never rented before, those who are about to move to Sydney for the first time or back to Sydney after living abroad – and need to get settled as soon as possible.  It’s for people who feel stressed because they have just sold their house and need somewhere to live, or others who are carrying out major renovations in their own home and need to move out for a certain period.  People without any previous rental history, or those who are finding it difficult because they have pets, and those who are unfortunately about to go through a divorce.  We also have clients who are simply overwhelmed by all the choices and don’t want to choose the wrong suburb, the wrong part of a suburb or even the wrong home because they have made mistakes before and know how costly it is to get out of a lease.  They also may have (or their children) commitments on a Saturday when most inspections take place so they are not able to attend property inspections.  It’s not just time-poor high-end executives who require help – everyone does!


What is a Renter’s Agent?

Relocation Agents have been helping executives moving to Sydney for over 35 years.  Employers often appoint the services of a Relocation Agent as part of an employees’ relocation package.  As Marcelle wanted to appeal to a variety of people needing assistance – not just executives - she created the term ‘Renter’s Agent’ in 2005 to set her services apart from other Relocation Agent services.  Other’s may have now started to use the term ‘Renter’s Agent’ however the service is still recognised by the Real Estate Institute of NSW, Service NSW and Fair Trading as a Relocation Agent.   There are also ‘Rental Agents’ who operate as part of a Real Estate agency however their roles are quite different as they represent the landlord.  Confused?  Please contact Marcelle Wever for further clarification at any time.


Is a Renter’s Agent similar to a Buyer’s Agent?

In many ways, a Buyer’s agent is quite different in the way they operate.  A Buyer’s agent is focused on your purchase which is also a large investment and one of their main priorities is to provide you with statistics, market analysis, trends and data.  When you are looking for a rental home, these statistics can certainly be interesting however since 2005, we have found that our tenants’ main focus when seeking a rental property is on the functionality, lifestyle suitability, potential noise concerns, pollution levels, internet speed, mould concerns, stability, natural light aspects, storage, cleanliness, neighbourhoods, availability of street parking and restrictions, moving bulky items into a building, safety issues and also commuting times from the property.  What kind of facts and data are most important to you?  The price the property last sold for or where the nearest supermarket is?  A Renter’s Agent/Relocation Agent/Renter’s assistant is a much more personalised service which provides you with the facts that really matter.


Which qualities are most pertinent when choosing a Renter’s Agent/Relocation agent?

Experience, knowledge and the right contacts are the most important qualities.  As an example, if you were planning a complicated travel itinerary to parts of the world you hadn’t seen before and it couldn’t be booked online, how would you choose the most suitable Travel Agent?  Who would you trust? Would you choose someone who was able to look up some facts for but had only been in the industry for a short period of time, or would you choose someone who also had access to all the facts plus a wealth of established contacts built up over many years?  You would also most likely choose someone who had actually travelled to all the places you are planning to visit, who could also provide you with personal experience and feedback on what not to miss out on and what to avoid and someone who has been in the travel industry for at least 10 plus years.  It is honestly exactly the same when choosing the right Renter’s Agent for you.  It is best to choose someone with an established business, long term personal experience, industry contacts and is a trail-blazer in the industry.


Sydney Rental Search is a successful business.

Did you know that approximately 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first 10.  Sydney Rental Search has been successfully operating since 2005 and our success has been largely based on our ‘raving fans’ – our referrals and repeat customers. 


No smoke and mirrors

We are Sydney’s best value and most competitively priced rental search service in Sydney. Our most popular package starts at $880 plus GST, whereas others start from $1800 upwards. With Sydney Rental Search you don’t pay for ‘inclusions’ you don’t need and the high overheads that others pass on in their fees.    Another example of why fees can be unrealistically high is when an agent uses a professional photographer at property inspections.  We all know professional photographers can tend to make things look better than they really are – our job is to tell you the truth and our photos are raw, true and highlight anything that may be a concern in a property. 


Our Corporate accounts trust us so you can also:

Our clients include an entertainment network, 2 large food and beverage companies, 3 Legal firms, 1 Multi-national IT company, various University departments and departments at 2 hospitals.


Examples of questions to ask when choosing your Renter’s Agent

  • How long has your business been in operation?

  • What prompted you to become a Renter’s Agent?

  • Are you able to spend some time on the phone with me to initially review our criteria before committing to the service?

  • What are the key aspects you focus on when inspecting a property on our behalf?

  • Who will I be dealing with throughout this process?

  • Are you able to provide advice on the various Utility providers, buying/renting furniture, transport and commuting times?

  • Are you happy to make calls to chat about any potential concerns whilst we are still overseas?

  • Other than gaining facts and data from sources such as CoreLogic, APM and PriceFinder – what other research do you carry out to ensure the property is a suitable match for our needs?

  • Do you have knowledge about the key lifestyle aspects about Sydney’s suburbs and know which streets to avoid, which areas and buildings may suit your needs most? If so – how have you been able to gain these insights?






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